Enormayu - Create an extraordinary life and be a better person

we help all individual to bring out their potency, along with this we add greater value to each on'es career. This process would help in creating an extraordinary life .

Who we are

Super youngsters aligned with experienced professionals to create a new career path to other youngsters just like us.

Our Mission

we aim at Zero unemployment rate,

Job satisfaction hit everyone around the world, Make things come your way.

What We Do

We train you to be your own super hero's.

We embed traces towards your Dream, Passion,Extraordinary lifestyle

Don't skip our story - Began with a full stop

we constantly see increase in unemployment due to which people harm their life's and finally they die we also thought that was the end but later we realized it all started from there Hence, Group of youngsters under the supervision of experienced folks joined together to stop unemployment and thought of raising future CEO's and Top directors who can increase employment opportunities to the next generation and present generation.

Enormayu team will help students to find suitable and best job and internship according to their profile,

Graduates to find their dream job also fresher's to sustain in their career.

So that nobody around will be unemployed or underemployed or a job quitter.

Proper guidance will be provided to each and everyone personally.


200+ HR professionals


100+ Managers from various departments and multiple companies


20+ Top level managers

Continuous Research is been carried out for a period of 180 days before designing MCPB Curriculum

Research team Scheduled interviews with Top and middle level managers from various Department along with HR executives of multiple companies. randomly

This research was carried out to check employer's expectation on the types of candidates.

Common expectations were taken into consideration and Random employees opinions were also added in this research.

After which MCPB program was designed to help students meet employer's expectation and land in their dream job/Internship and Positions.

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Rights are granted from

Copyright office - Govt. of India

Diary number: 7692/2020-co/L

Registration number: L-93692/2020

If any duplication of content takes places disciplinary legal action will be taken.

Our 6-D Learning



Find who you are

What is your potential skill

What is your interest, Explore yourself with our Probe Guide.

Before beginning with anything Discover yourself



Respond to all the questions about yourself and Define what you are and what is your skills using our Passion foster Bundle.



Design your profile by using our Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Resume building guide to enhance and get listed in the top of the Employer's list. Present yourself by posting your video resume.



Develop your profile by enhancing your skill with the help of our Mandate Job interview Guide.

Learn both technical and non-technical aspects to face interviewer



Now deal with everything you created so far using our Mastery Bundle tricks, Then be an Industry required person.

Deploy this for lifetime



It's time to present yourself in your dream job in front of the employer but before displaying yourself, Gain

a back end development with our one-on-one session personally.

team, hands, success

Why choose us?

World's first live online placement training platform 

We are happy to launch world's first Live online training for placement and career development. We currently have multiple platforms who provide same service but nobody to solve doubts then and there. Hence we launched a live platform to clarify all queries.

Unique curriculum  and Expert professional instructor 

Escape from Typical Placement Training and start enjoying your career journey.

Our curriculum is unique and different, Typical aspects of placement training is just 10%% rest 90% is towards fun and exciting process, Also get this transformation showered by an expert professional instructor.

100% Assurance on transformation  

100% Assurance will be given that by the end of the program you will become an industry required person

Perform practical to  find yourself 

It is common to practice practicals In technical field or subject related to science etc, But in our program we have designed unique practicals which would help you for lifetime not only in finding your dream job but to sustain in your dream job and create your dream for others.

One-on-one Career counselling 

After you complete the entire set of training, You will be offered on demand One on one session with a career counselor.

Job Assistance

Get hired by applying over our job portal.

Active and responsive support team 

If you feel struck with your practical session after live session connect with our support team.

Cost effective 

Our services are least priced without compromising quality, we deliver best learning experience just to help students not face the same challenge faced by others in the past.

(Million) people are unemployed in India
(Million) people gave up on looking for jobs in India
(Million) Job vacancy in India

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Grow along with us, Lets join together for a better tomorrow


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Grow along with us, Lets join together for a better tomorrow

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