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Robotic based AI Screening using ATS Software

Do you know How Robots are used in the first process of hiring using AI technology?

March 5, 2020



Career Author

If you are unfamiliar with the AI based Screening process, then this post is for you, this is the very first process used while hiring Candidates. Only after this Process your resume will reach the hiring manager’s hand, who is a Human in general.

99% of the candidates applying for jobs are unfamiliar with this fact. 

But I congratulate you on taking your first step in learning about something new today

So I’m going to offer you a ride which covers how Robotic based AI screening works, 

What parameters are included?

How your application gets rejected and many more out of which you can increase your probability of getting selected in the job you had applied for. 

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What exactly is Robotic based AI screening? 

This is the first process which a candidate will be exposed to while applying for any job. If you pass this test only then your resume will reach the Employers hand and then you get a call for an interview directly from the company. 

Please note mails you receive from Job portals/Consultancy are just bulk mails, which is sent to everyone in the list, If you think you must be an outstanding candidate then approach employer directly instead of applying on job portals this will decrease your probability of facing career Failures.

How is this AI based screening process designed? 

Robot is the computer, which uses artificial intelligence Technology based software called ATS software. Which is used to screen Candidates applications using certain parameters

What kind of parameters?

Every job has its own requirements so there are certain technical keywords which are uploaded into the software in simple words Custom filters are applied for different sets of Job roles. 

With the help of Artificial intelligence Technology ATS software Screen Candidates applications/Resumes and then output the result. In most of the cases this technology itself will schedule the interview and notify employers to be available to take the interview. 

So, now you know usage of AI based Screening now let’s see, how it works?

1) You upload your Resume.

2) Employer Artificial Intelligence (AI) to screen your resume.

3) ATS software using AI will scan and Run your resume. 

4) Your score will be displayed 

5) Based on certain parameters as explained above 

6) Your Resume will be further selected or rejected for next round. 

7) ATS software using AI Technology will schedule your interview 

This process is very crucial because even then you are a right Candidate for this job role still there is a high probability of getting rejected in the very first process as there is no human intervention.

 Since Robots act as per the commands of humans, you must know how Human commands Robots and What parameters human resource managers use while operating AI technology based ATS software. 

Few tips are as follows:

1) Use a custom resume as per the Job role. 

2) Use keywords very carefully. 

3) Know the job role before designing or customizing your resume.

4) Resume creates the first impression after passing screening. 

5) Create proper outline.

I appreciate your interest in the latest hiring process. If you wish to land up in your dream Job you must know about the Upgraded Hiring process. Check here more about dream Jobs.