“Schooling doesn’t assure employment but skill does.”



Have you ever wondered about getting placed without degree?

It is definitely possible only with passion and dedication, without degree one can actually can get placed easily in one’s dream job!

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I’m excited to provide you knowledge treat!

You can consider this as your guide where you will get beautiful insights on how one could get easily placed without having any degree but with relevant skills.

There are soo many youngsters like you and me who are confused with what do in life??

But do you agree that we all got talents and we don’t exactly know our hidden talents majority of times which would lead us to choosing something coming our way instead of exploring our opportunities while we are capable of creating something on our own!

Let’s discuss this in a more easy and knowledgeable way.

while discussing following topics we will understand how we can use our existing skill sets or by acquiring new skill sets we could get placed into job easily.

  1. How to discover your career?
  2. How to follow them?
  3. How to bring out our hidden talents?
  4. How can we discover required skill sets?
  5. How one could kick start productive career?

Have you ever faced similar situation where your parents wanted you to do something and you ended up doing what you wanted to do or may be vice versa.

But have you ever thought about the consequences of investing in wrong career

But have you ever made an attempt to recheck if your passionate about what you want to do?

Now you might be wondering how do I do them?

Simple follow the steps below! – How to discover productive career?

  1. Check if you are getting bored by doing them again and again (For ex: I get bored If I dance continuously for 3 days, then you just like dancing that cannot be a passion)
  2. Follow this for min. of 5 to 10 days back to back
  3. Do keep certain alternatives while performing this task so that you don’t have to restart fi something is going as not expected
  4. Allocate time for task and stay dedicative.
  5. Make sure task that you have chosen in very crucial and matching your interest fields (Artistic or IT or management)

Like this you can discover your passion and if you keep working on them continuously while you are a student by the time you get graduated or start your professional life your passion can turn into profession.

However if you are a graduate and reading this then you can still begin to work on your passion along with your profession.


Productive career


Passion discovery

How one can get started with productive career without studying them in the form of a degree or having degree in the relevant field?

Let’s assume you are currently pursuing your management degree but you want to pursue engineering profile or you are currently pursuing engineering but you are most interested in Dancing or Racing but never got a chance to get started with your most likely career.

What to do?

Get started right now along with your degree when you are a student and start acquiring required skill sets get started with your training, aim at achieving your milestone at no time by following the steps below,

  1. Follow passion discovery challenge
  2. Define your interested field and discover required skill set
  3. Explore that particular industry on how you can get started acquiring them
  4. Evaluate the available options
  5. Get into training
  6. Set up milestones according to the timeline
  7. Transform passion into profession
  8. Aim at achieving one milestone at-least before you graduate

“There is no passion to be found playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Do we need degree to pursue our dream?


Absolutely no!

As we discussed your pursuing management degree and want to become an Engineer how can I?

Do you also have the same question, how one could do that?

Let us talk from practical sense!

Learn coding by undergoing certain certification and training courses

Make some time to create your engineering profile

As and when you learn something make sure you implement them

Try to perform certain Technical domain based internships

If you think you need to have additional experience begin your career with entry level job before getting started with actual job role!

Let’s say you need to become software engineer, get started by first completing web developer role get diploma degree show how soon you can learn new technology by learning new skill sets in no time, after this you can start applying for software engineer roles and nobody could stop you from becoming and engineer.

Advantages are as follows

You don’t have to Spend 4 years in engineering (In India)

You can use 1 year in acquiring new skill sets or by pursuing additional diploma

You can perform additional internships and earn some real time experience

With this skill set and terminologies you can achieve your dream!!

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