Career enhancement process – Plan your career ahead and build holistic profile which helps you in getting hired 10times faster.

Have you ever thought about Planning your career or dreamt of getting placed in top MNC’s with specified Job role,

Is your dream is narrow or you have unspecified dreams??

Or you never dreamt anything and you are following random career flows?

or you are aspired towards planning your career and you are still in the begging of getting started ahead??

Heads up!!

You are in the right place take a step ahead and complete reading the whole post and I can assure you, you will take brilliant key takeaways.

Let us begin with the session in 3,2,1……GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Let me first share my experience so that you get an idea of planning it further.


Key advice

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.” –Tim Ferriss

It is never too late to start and early beginning leads to early land up – Productivity matters

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My experience

Considering the point you are still in your first year of under-graduation let us check how you can make best use of this time efficiently.

Let me start with my own experience, When I was in first year I got motivated by mom as she was carrying out business along with my dad she always want us to earn experience in relevant fields that is when she told me to find internship and start with my industry experience, I took her suggestion seriously and started with internship search.

I faced rejection as I started without any planning and was just focusing on getting into any internship irrespective of any field.

Of-course! No proper planning, no mentorship, no much field related guidance

That is when me along with my mom started to decode where is the problem,

Problem was very simple it was all about planning my career and internships, Started to carry out my research in the respective field,

Guess again??

I was still in my first year!!

But that is the time I realized importance of skills sets and acquiring them, I took out sometime in practicing those skillsets under mentorship training. After acquiring certain skill set I realized I’m now fit to be an intern and eligible for paid internship. I was almost in my second year of UG.

After 2 to 3 months of rigorous search I finally got into an internship which was all about dealing with data and usually it is called data exploration but good thing about internship was I got a mentor to guide me and best part was all about small about of internship.

My first draw was 1,000 and it went up-to 12k.

Main advantage of taking up that internship is I got really handy over system usage, As a management student I was exposed to all technical side of the industry and I spent most of my time learning technology rather than just studying my Bachelor’s of commerce syllabus, this worked out extremely good this made me stand outstanding, Since it was not mandatory for us to complete any internship none of my friends had done any internship and in the entire class I was the only person who took up this internship and did not depend on college to provide me one I searched on my own, I’m happy about this thing.

After 6 months of my internship I was called and asked for referrals, since work load was getting high I decide to announce opening in my friends network and invited to take up this opportunity.

Guess what Within 6 months I got an opportunity to lead my own team and guide them what has to be done, this was the best thing about doing an internship, Managing both studies co-curriculums and this internship went smooth as the internship was remote.

This was all about finding internship and leading a team in my first and second year of my college, after this internship my profile was highlighted and it became very popular. I started getting more and more relevant opportunities, I took up few and made it a stepping stone towards my career!

I got really speed and efficient in my field and acquired relevant skills set , I not only gave importance to my technical skill but I took care of utmost care towards my soft skills because that always created my impression in-front of others.

This also gave me confidence to crack college election and helped me improvise my profile, which resulted in having holistic profile hence getting placed in my first company was definitely not tough for me!

I always showed my internship experience as full time experience as I had got expert in that field, Most if the time interviewer either got stunned or happy about my experience and nobody denied to consider it as my full time experience specially in my first job!!

But even after having so much of preparation and planning I still failed check out career failure article for my insights about how my career went up along with my first job.

Process of creating holistic profile

Holistic profile is basically having all the relevant experience while applying for relevant field of specialization, Holistic profile is usually defined having an all around activities mentioned in one’s profile which includes the following,

  1. Sports, dance, music (Extracurricular activities which can also be in any designing field or any event organized by educational institute). It is no where mentioned about type of participation, It can be training, participating in the competition or winning the competition, Primary focus should be all about taking part in it.
  2. Having average or above average performance in academic results
  3. Grasping opportunities to be part of skill acquiring programs and attending online/offline webinars and trainings.
  4. Carrying out internship experience in relevant field or are of specialization or interest field.
  5. Finding opportunities for self development taking active part in NGO activities

Having mentioned above all or more will create holistic profiling of a candidate, This holistic profile will be an added advantage for higher studies, moving abroad, or finding job or for any other career upgradation.

There is 90% high chances of getting selected if holistic profile is created.

Expert suggestions to all first year students – Do this if you are in you are a student

                         First year 

Plan your Internship fields

  1. Always have back up for your career, Try to first specialize in your current field like let’s say you are a engineering student try to acquire more and more skill in your respective field
  2. Acquire skill set as per your interest like let’s say you are more interested into management and if you think you might enhance your career in that field then go for it.
  3. Try to keep one backup with artistic field which includes Dancing, music, Drama, Designing etc.
    Second year

Time for internship – In the recent trends it is mentioned that students are guided towards getting into mentorship programs which helps students find better industry exposure with better and additional career benefits.

Look into specialized mentorship program which would offer teaching and mentorship program along with hands on project works.

This will help students in second year to hold experience and add on more certification, This will enhance your profile and endorsed to be a holistic profile.

 Third year

Once you hold holistic profile it is time for you to start earning back all the investment you made in your second year.

This year is very important and crucial do not let this year pass just like that, make sure you have holistic profile i incase you have missed to create holistic profile in your second year “It is never too late to start” , get started and begin with your career path!

Try to give it a try in almost all the interest field and areas of study which you are currently pursuing UG in

Areas of study B.com, B.tech, BBM, – choose internship in both areas of study and interested field so that you cannot fail your career.

     Fourth         year           or  final year

It is definitely going to be a new beginning as your going to end your students life and starting your professional life.

For few students from management 3rd year will be the final year but for engineering students 4th year is the last year.

However final year is too late to get started as an absolute beginner hence it is always suggested you get started with some masters program if you are not ready to explore your work-life.

Or if you are a fast learner and can complete things on time, try to focus more on industry suggestions get practical aids, It is not suggested as you might lag behind expertise work nature.

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Hope you enjoyed reading and as per the assurance you were able to take some key takeaways and hope this would help your career planning process.

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This way one can achieve great heights in their career and this again helps candidates to get hired 10 times faster, this is a proven method which is tried and tested.

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