About the webinar:

This webinar is been organised to help students understand advanced Technology used in Hiring these days.

Its no longer Coming soon as the robots have already started hiring candidates before all companies implement them students and graduates must be aware about it to discover and land up in the suitable internship and Dream Job respectively.

Enormayu is launching World’s First Live Trainobment Program specially designed for students and Graduates.

To let the Students know more about it we are organizing this webinar, Attend this Webinar to land in your dream job by understanding insights of hiring process

You will be trained on Robot based Hiring process, Profile Branding, Personality development, Mandates of Interview, Build your Branded website portfolio, Practicals on every modules and many more. 

For Master Program there is an entry fees which will be refunded as you complete the course. However, it is “Technically Free”. Pretty sure you will be wondering why entry fees when it is refundable, Instead it can be free. 

Here is the answer, Free resources doesn’t possess value, Most of the times we get something for free and don’t even use them because we are not committed to use them.

We are looking for sincere students who can Learn Digital Hiring process and Earn stipend with us, we are glad to work with Committed and Fascinated candidates.

What you get by attending this webinar :

Assured surprise gifts to all webinar attendees and everyone get minimum of Rs.250 worth free gifts

Discount voucher to register for the MCPB program.

Access to private Student-Industry community forum to stay updated about the Hiring updates and self development practices

Attend upcoming Webinar

Upcoming webinar consist lots of surprise because this webinar ids our favorite webinar, As we are choosing people to work with us.

Get a chance to work closely with our team and learn about IT industry briefly.


Attend the webinar


Earn free gifts


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